360Certified - Learning From Every Angle

360Certified are proud to launch a new generation of training, a first for the Asbestos Training industry! 360Certified is an innovative solution that allows the student to immerse themselves into a variety of environments, similar to those that the students come into contact with in their day to day work activities. Rather than scrolling through pages of linier text with static imagery, learners are invited into an interactive environment creating a hands on approach to learning, which encourages knowledge retention due to the practical nature of the course journey. 360Certified bridges the gap between classroom based training and eLearning, taking the learner into a virtual environment where practical steps are taken to achieve compliance. Both theory and practical information is delivered via visual and audio tools within the training environment where identification is the main premise of the solution, with the goal to increase overall Asbestos Awareness. The learners ability to visually identify asbestos containing materials (ACM's) has improved almost three fold for the average user, as 360Certified successfully caters for multiple learning styles. Via a mixture of familiar, relatable environments along with a large gallery of asbestos containing materials a whole spectrum of asbestos products can be explored. The aim of the training program is for learners to have increased Asbestos Awareness, so should they come across Asbestos as part of their working or domestic actives they will take the necessary steps to stay safe. Unlike traditional Asbestos Awareness training 360Certified seeks improved competence. By encouraging practical interaction, 360Certified follow proven scientific findings and recommendations for the most effective eLearning courses. This new generation of Asbestos Awareness training will defy expectations as a powerful incomparable training route for compliance and raised awareness, achieving new safety levels for all learners. This is just the first step in a series of 360Certified courses which will provide new opportunities for all students along with advice and support from the 360Certified team of experts along the way. Join the 360° revolution today, and learn from every angle!

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